A new era of “Make Malaysia Great Again”

It has been surreal since the recently concluded 14th general election. Personally, this was not the predicted result. At best, it would be close but to take over Putrajaya, it was just unthinkable. Malaysians have grown accustomed to the ruling Barisan National taking power despite all the ramblings of corruption and inefficiencies.

This was different. It’s an invigorating feeling to know that the people of Malaysia was mature enough to know what they all wish for, a better Malaysia. It is a testament to the world that democracy is alive and kicking in a country once known for branding its own democracy, whatever that means.

People power now has a meaning in Malaysia. We have set the benchmark for the world. Removing a corrupt, divisive and non-transparent government was a display of where true power lies, the citizens of Malaysia.

It is time to “Make Malaysia Great Again”! It is time to improve our education system, left decadent for decades, and used as a political power play. It is time to be transparent and ensure that we uphold the Constitution and the rule of law at all times. It is time to clamp down on rampant corruption and wastage within the Government agencies. It is time to allow the judiciary to do its job.

It is time to unite all the races for one common goal of making Malaysia great again.

Precious point in time

The pure joy of being able to be part of an immersive experience with songs they idolised is refreshing. This moment was captured, temporarily freezing time. The need to live for the moment is a lesson I am constantly being reminded of when I am with my kids. It is them telling me, “Daddy, come play with us, we are growing up and won’t stay this way!” As their parent, we already miss the previous versions of them and know that they are “upgrading” with each new day. And soon this moment will be a distant memory.

Media Blitz for Lupus

May was Lupus Awareness Month. This is to increase public knowledge of lupus and devastating this condition can be. It affects predominantly young females, a period where life is just beginning, whether it is their careers or their family. It is a vulnerable period for many, leading to depression and withdrawal from society. Some leave not only physical disfigurement but mental and emotional scars as well.

Vbuzz was an English variety show on Astro Vinmeen HD. Being on TV always adds additional stress when you have to look physically your best and be aware of all your irritating mannerisms when speaking. The hosts and producers were very reassuring. Many thanks to Loh Yu Mi for taking the pictures.

This was followed a few days later on BFM 89.9, the business channel. The interview was done by Meera Sivasothy. The message was again lupus and what the Malaysia SLE Association does for lupus patients.

Digital Healthcare Asia

This is my second year in presenting at this business meeting highlighting the work done in the digital healthcare space.

My role was to bring the audience back to the humanity of medicine. With the excitement of digitisation in healthcare we often forget that the patient doctor relationship is sacred and personal to the patient especially. Until we reach the level of sophistication in AI, humans will be at the fore front of this encounter.

Aiding this encounter is important as we push for digitisation to ensure that the doctor patient communication is unhindered by the computerisation within the consultation room. The workload and the information that a doctor needs to process has exponentially increased. This often drowns out the voice of the patient as the doctor grapples with the myriad of tasks that is now expected of him/ her.

Digital technology is here to stay and there is certainly no turning back. Understanding its potential and executing it perfectly to highlight its strengths is the key message. From connectedness by remote monitoring to targeted patient education, the power of the current digital world is undeniable.

I will be presenting on this topic again at the upcoming Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia conference this end of July. Facebook link to the conference