Mariah Carey is in town for her concert tonight. Still awaiting Celine Dion’s arrival!

More hospitals are being built! Today’s paper mentioned 14 in all. Unfortunately, the staffing remains inadequate. Are additional hospitals really needed? All this when existing hospitals remain poorly staffed and ill equipped? Are we putting our chips in the right places? More doctors are certainly needed but mass production with little regard to quality is becoming an increasing problem today. Rumours are rife that even doctors that fail their Masters programme are offered positions as trainee lecturers. Are our universities diluting their already sour reputations? What about our future doctors?

It struck me today as well that obesity is certainly on the rise. We use to blame Westernisation of our diets and lifestyle as the culprit. Unfortunately local diets with all the santan and deep fried delicacies is actually the main cause. Even rural folks are not sparred. They definitely do not have McDonalds or Kentucky. If left unchecked, co-morbidities including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases will rise in incidence. What should we do? How are we to tackle this problem?

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