Sex bloggers : reflection on our political scene

Denying bail for the “sex blogger” does not make much sense. Perhaps the court deems them as a flight risk. What they did was silly and wrong , but such delinquency should not court punishment usually reserved for murderers!

The energy poured into this case contrasts starkly to inaction when PERKASA and Mahathir screeched about racism and exuded insensitive remarks. It is clear that the present Government allows certain quarters to perpetuate the agenda of Malay dominance whilst threatening the minorities into submission.

Diverting attention to spicy stories like the sex bloggers may be a political ploy to dodge the other more relevant issues confronting our nation. It does take the heat off the Government when the public now becomes fixated on this sensationalised story.

The judiciary remains a body that is shrouded in controversy, from its independence to the criterion for judicial appointments. Its affiliation with the ruling Government cannot be denied.

The cunning appointment of Transparency International’s leading man was also likely a ploy to silence critics and lame an institution that would otherwise be critical of the Government.

There are little signs to a promised national reconciliation. In fact, the contrary is occurring with covert attempts to threaten the minorities and galvanizing the majority to secure its dominance via racial innuendoes .

The current government is slowly bringing this beloved nation to its heels. In 10 years, the landscape of this nation would be drastically different . A failed multi racial experiment!