End the madness

Reading the news has not been very pleasant lately. From wars to epidemics, the news has been painfully negative. Even on the local front, there is nothing’s much to be positive about. Finding an inspirational piece of writing or reporting can be difficult.

I pin the fault of much of this negativity to the press. Not only do they thrive on reporting the most gruesome of crimes but sadly, they play a political fiddle as well. Our press is tainted by lopsided reporting with little intellectual content. Even social media is often unforgiving with many participants still not mature enough for a debate without the expletives and personal conjectures.

We need to give coverage to where it is due, not because it is sensational but because it is truly news worthy. There is probably too much space accorded to a small section of extreme opinions while the rest are deemed uninteresting. Hence we are seeing a nation being pried apart by extremist views. The appetite of the media for this juicy piece seems insatiable.

The press should be ashamed that the integrity is their profession is lost. They are now a valuable tool of the puppeteer. If only they can be awoken from their slumber to end the madness.