Dire straits

There are some very fundamental flaws in the mentality of even our academicians. The large part of this is due to the lack of so called “academic freedom”. This phrase has been regurgitated countless times by the press. Unfortunately, the Government is attempting to paint it in a evil light. Hence, the ability to express oneself in an unorthodox way is not encouraged but rather the expectation of all academicians to toe the line and sing in tune with the ruling politicians.

This is sad when the Universities are forced to play politics. Their independence is clearly absent. This situation does mirror the state of our judiciary when judges appointments are based on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. At the universities, the Vice Chancellor is elected with heavy involvement from the politicians. There will be nothing left to chance. The ruling elite cannot have a recalcitrant Vice Chancellor.

Such puppetry has resulted in mediocre performances by the universities. Apart from some pockets of “resistance”, there is hardly any avenue for dissent or alternative views. It is appalling when the a university has disallowed a member of parliament and a prominent leader to talk. The grounds for such denial is clear and interferences from the ruling party is a certainty despite the denial from the university’s administration.

Malaysia are in a pathetic state when politicians scuttle intellectual discourse for their very own political survival. They have hijacked many agendas, from race to religion, claiming it as their very own struggle. It is clear that our Prime Minister is lame and has shown no leadership qualities. He appears only interested in protecting his turf without much care for the country.

It is also clear that universities have not shown leadership in areas it should have shone. The beacon of hope has been extinguished and failure to reignite this only spells doom for the country. We are fighting to save Malaysia, the only home we have known and cherish.