Wag the dog

Hoodwinking the people appears to be the specialty of our Malaysian politicians. The recent episode of US 700 million deposited directly into the accounts belonging to Najib is classical. The arguments are so convoluted now that the initial reason for the expose is lost. 

The argument should be “Did money linked to 1MDB and public funds go into Najib’s personal accounts?” A simple answer of YES or No. 

Unfortunately, all we hear are evasive answers. “I will not betray the people’s trust” or “I did not use public funds for personal gains”. In fact, the legal letter to Dow Jones clearly is meant to confuse the issue. Requesting Dow Jones to confirm the link to public funds and the way the money was used is clearly circumventing the actual issue. 

Sadly, the police are now trying to weed out whistleblowers, who clearly felt that a leak was the only way to bring justice to Malaysia. In fact, this cements guilt as it conveys the authenticity of the documents and not forgery. Why would they want to weed out moles if those documents were forged?  The conspiracies deepen with a purported link to the murder of Ambank founder. 

Mahathir is right. Najib can resolve this easily by clearly providing evidence that the money never entered his personal accounts backed by the bank involved and Bank Negara. This is the easy way, which I believe is not available to Najib for obvious reasons. 

The events clearly insinuate guilt on the part of Najib. If he did get the money deposited into the accounts, it was wrong and clearly a criminal breach of  trust. If he did use the money for the General Election, that is wrong as well, as such public funds should not go into promoting any political party. We all know this is the case all along, likely since the time of Mahathir but this will be the clearest evidence yet and linking the top politician in our country. 

Why would Najib be so naive as to believe that he can get away with it? After all, in his denial, he did say that he would not have been so foolish. Arrogance? Invincibility? 

The biggest calamity is the fact that there are politicians who stand by his side. Perhaps they have vested interests in Najib’s survival. Or perhaps Malaysia is diving into absurdity and idiocy.