Saving Malaysia

Malaysia is at a crossroad. The amount of treachery within the political landscape has never been exposed to this extent. The internet has allowed much of this to be possible, where the government has almost no control over.

Slowly certain agencies are trying hard to wrangle themselves away from the clutches of political interference. Their ability to be independent is pivotal to the success of democracy in Malaysia. However, the structure and line of command is making this impossible.

The desperation of the ruling coalition in scrambling to justify revelations of clearly corrupt practices is bordering on being humorous. It almost seem amateurish politically and the only escape at times is to beg for trust and support. Explanations are missing, likely because there are none.

What does it take to save Malaysia? With the stock market and our currency in freefall, our politicians are still in denial that Malaysia is indestructible.

Malaysia exists because of their multiracial and multicultural heritage. Protecting this should be the agenda of any government. Destroying this for political gain is treason, for it also destroys the very soul of our country.

Malaysia is not about one political party or one leader. It is about all of us. Future generations depend on us to ensure that Malaysia regains its rightful spot amongst the elite nations of the world. We need good men to prevail.