Exam stress

No. This time it’s not me. However the stress is no less than if it was mine. It’s beyond my control. It’s only just a small mathematics test. I’m beginning to wonder how it would be if it was a much bigger or higher stake examination.

Parenting innovations and discovery

A weekend alone with the kids can have several revelations.

First, the tactic of forcing kids to do what you want them to, doesn’t really work. Creating a scenario or a make up fairy tale does the job very well. Role playing seems to grab the attention of children and they will almost do anything you want them to, well, to get the story going. 

Second, the use of technology to monitor your kids is a must these days. “ManyThing” app to monitor your kids by using your iPad and iPhone is God sent. It also helps to put those aging iPads to good use. After all, being spoilt by Retina display makes older screens very difficult to adjust to. Monitoring live feeds of your kids while they are sleeping keeps you at ease. This negates the need to investigate every little sound that we hear. 

Well, the parenting continues and it is about injecting fun and technology to caring for your kids. And no, it is not about giving them iPad games which can be addictive and counter productive. 

Putrajaya Balloon Fiesta

We had an early morning to catch the rise of the hot air balloon. But still we missed it, only catching a glimpse of it on the way to Presinct 2. 

Finally found a spot by the roadside. There were some rather worn out balloons for the public. Most of the interesting ones have likely taken off somewhere. 

The helicopter ride was interesting and perhaps would be a good thing to do at least once. 

It was an enjoyable trip and it is always rewarding to see joyful faces on your children.

Growing up

When we first had Charlize, she was like a “thing” that ate, drank and slept. Oh yes and made some noises. She remained under our control, pretty much doing what we made her do.

That is slowly dissipating. There is now a sign of an independent will. A desire to make her own decisions. Her conversations are now a revelation of her opinions of the happenings around her.

It finally became apparent that she is becoming her own. She’s only 4 and a half and the discovery of this unique being is continuous. She is growing up!