Reality hits

With the confinement help gone, it has finally hit me that life will never be the same again. Caring for 2 souls now becomes our life commitment. Every decision that we make evolves around the family.

Our sleeping schedule right up to travel plans will have to take our two children into account. It is hoped that the stresses of caring for them will not fracture our mentality, strength and resolve .

Parenting involves leadership , innovation, creativity and stamina. It is this moment that makes us realize the deeds of our parents .

I hope that I will have the strength for the journey ahead. Today is only the beginning.

New member to the family

Introducing a new member to the family. We are still working on the name and will announce it later.

It was an eventful weekend. Being novices of normal birth, we had little idea what to really expect as parents. It is always different when we are on the other side.

Contractions began slowly and picked up pace at 2 am Saturday morning. Called parents over to babysit Charlize and off we went to the Labour room.

Despite rupturing of membranes and IV Pitocin, progress of cervical dilatation was slow. It opened 1 cm over more than 6 hours. Then the feared signs was late fetal decelerations were noted on the CTG. The decision for Emergency LSCS was made.

A disappointment for mum as she wanted to deliver normally.

Later we were informed that there was a loop of cord around the neck and baby pooped during the procedure. He was obviously stressed .

Thank God! Baby was 3.32 kg and healthy. Mum was also well and surgery was not complicated.

He was obviously much larger then Charlize. Even his attempts at breast feeding was much better than Charlize, who was borderline premature .

It has been eventful and now awaiting a speedy recovery for mum.


A new year for sure

Charlize has been growing quite rapidly that conversations with her can have a different feel every few weeks. From her mannerisms to her choice of words, she is becoming her own. She frets to get her way and repeats annoying adult words that we unintentionally utter!

Soon she would have a “compatriot” , that will surely dilute the attention that she has been enjoying over the years. Daddy and mummy will soon be doubly stressed.

2013 will be a challenging year in all sense of the word. A more meticulous new year resolution is in store together with the intended time line. Parenthood forces one to manage one’s time better.

Priorities are changing and it is no longer about me. In fact, “I” no longer matter any more, although it is paramount that I maintain my health and fitness, which is likely the only area that concerns me.

My as well let my hair down for the last few days of the year 2012.


How many of us know this word/?

I first heard about it when Mickey, yes Mickey Mouse, uttered it after Donald Duck sneezed.

This is a German word health. So it is meant to good wishes after someone has sneezed.

It is amazing how I can learn new words from Mickey Mouse!!