Baby talk

It’s now 5 months since we laid eyes on Charlize. She has been keeping us busy. From cooing to smiling, her repertoire of behaviour is increasing by the day. Still my favourite time is when she looks at you and gives you the purest of smiles. That will make my day anytime.

Her feeding pattern is changing and she now appears to dislike her milk, often refusing to finish her bottle. It appears that this problem is rather common at this age. We have tried to change the milk formula several times but these expensive efforts were in vain. If ever you have tried baby formula, you will then understand the aversion to the milk. It certainly does not taste pleasant at all!! Can milk manufacturers make something that tastes better??

As we scour through books, the internet and friends, we realise that the most important thing is to enjoy the process of the baby growing up. Sure she has some feeding difficulties, but she is still growing and is very active. We are now trying some semi solid foods and it appears that she is getting better at feeding.

It can be very energy sapping taking care of babies. Makes you wonder how single parents handle their children!!

@1 week old

In just a wink, it has already been a week since we first laid eyes on Charlize. Although the Caesarean did not really go as planned, most importantly the baby and mum is fine. From a birth weight of 2.2 kg, she is now 2.5kg.

The constant expressing of breast milk is now part of the daily routine. It appears she is too small to suckle directly from the breast. She now takes in 60 mls of milk almost clockwork every 3 hours.

Her jaundice did worry us initially. The visiting nurses urged us to bring the baby in earlier. So with little choice, we brought our appointment forward. At the same time, we tried to give her more sunlight. What a relief, when we got the blood results came back normal.

Oh yea, mum cried when baby Charlize was poked. I guess mum felt the pain when the tiny heels were poked for blood. The technicians were very professional and reassuring, which is commendable.

Charlize still sleeps most of the time, waking only for her feeds. I suppose she needs all the energy to grow.

But what a week it was. The new beginning has finally begun.

Day of C-section

Spent the night at the hospital. Although the arrival of the baby should be a joyous occassion, I cannot help but feel a little reserved. The fact that my wife is about to undergo surgery is not a pleasant thought at all. All of these feelings underlining the fact that this baby is early at 36+ weeks.

Despite reassurances that the baby is term and the fact that I myself have told this to women umpteen times, skepticism rules. How sure can they be? Are they right? Afterall my baby is still small at about 2.2kg. Could we have gotten the dates wrong? Questions swirling like a whirlpool.

I know I have to trust the obstetrician that this is indeed the best and correct decision.

Knowing the perils of a Caesarean, the adage that ignorance is bliss holds so very true. Can I even be in the theater itself, even if the doctors allow me? Can I take the sight that my wife will be cut up layer after layer?

Our child, the still unknown face, will be seeing us today for the first time. I can only at this moment, imagine the joy that she will bring to my wife and I. I believe that this fact and only this fact alone is keeping both of us going. The love we are going to shower this child, after all the trials of pregnancy and surgery, will undoubtedly be immense!

God, help us and take care of us.

Caesarean Section: The anxiety

It is now confirmed that we will have to go through a caesarean section to deliver the baby. The amount of amniotic fluid has decreased further. Our obstetrician says that it is not a good predictor of outcome and the baby will probably be safer outside than in.

However, the process of surgery is certainly a harrowing experience. After months of preparing for a vaginal delivery, this news is certainly not totally expected.

Apart from the surgery, the other worry is the baby. At 36 to 37 weeks, the baby should be mature enough to do well. Her weight is low at an estimated body weight of 2.2 kg. However, the reasons for low liqour volume is not certain at this time. The list of possible causes are long and will only end up being more worrying. So I have decided not to tell my wife about all the possible causes.

My only hope now is that the surgery will go well and that baby will be fine.