@36 weeks

Baby continues to worry us. So far Mum and baby is fine but the ultrasound revealed that the AFI has continued to decrease. Our obstetrician is not taking chances and has decided that he will operate by next week.

The monitoring of the baby will now be much closer. Now our concern is the baby. With an estimated weight of 2.1 kg, she should be fine at 36/37 weeks.

@31 weeks

Time has just zipped by. In just 2 months, there will be someone new in my life. The experience remains surreal.

Attending antenatal classes has jolted some sense of reality. Despite having taken care of many antenatal patients spanning more than 4 years in primary care, there is a sense of being lost in this episode. Now I am at the receiving end and I have never thought that there would be so much uncertainty. It used to be a mundane routine every time mothers see me. Now I realise how much reassurances from a doctor mean. That is in fact the best part of a consultation, with the doctor telling us that everything is just fine.

Now it is just finding a suitable name for her!

A new beginning

The end of the year is near, a time where many will start reflecting on the past year and looking ahead for a fresh new start. The number of long weekends in December is a record. Bookings for hotels are almost impossible for the late planners, like myself.

Next year will be a year like never before. Many will say that expecting a child means getting your wings clipped, for the next few years! In many ways, I still feel ill prepared to usher in a new life. Imagine having your sleep disturbed by wails and getting your hands dirty with poop! The thought of having to plan everything with the baby in mind can be unsettling. For once, you have to put your own plans on hold, and soon realise that control is beginning to slip from your grasp.

My resolution at least for now is to get a healthy baby. Knowing the fact that a million things can go wrong is certainly not helpful.

However, the joy of seeing a child, of your own, is indescribable. The true miracles of nature starts to unfold in front of your very eyes. The disbelief that this new life was created by your actions makes the experience so surreal.

You will soon start to realise that life will no longer evolve around you but that of the new life. The energy and finance will soon be invested into this ‘unknown’ entity.

Indeed life will be different this coming year.