A pharmacy student visited my clinic today requesting more information on management of drug addiction. My experience in this field is rather limited as i hardly manage these patients myself. But it was an interesting question that needs to be addressed especially in Malaysia.

Drug addicts in Malaysia are usually caught by the police and then thrown into rehabilitation centers called “Pusat Serenti”. There are many such government funded centers in malaysia. Their major role is of course rehabilitation of drug addicts. It is a good concept. However, recent studies have shown that this program has a low success rate. More than 80 % of previous “inmates” return to their old ways. There has also been widespread reports and rumours of corrupt and poorly trained staff at these centers.

Stigmatisation is high and a problem in malaysian society. most people despise them and they remain the pariahs of society. Even a high ranking government official once said that they should be left there to die. There is little effort in helping there people return to society. Most are only interested in prosecuting them.

An article in Malay of the possible existence of drugs in the rehabilitation centers itself.

The malaysian website of drug agencies and rehabilitation centers in Malaysia.

A good resource on drug addiction

This is my first entry. Hopefully, i can put more of my thoughts here. Will share experience on some cases with you here as well