Back to the drawing board

Thumping victories for Barisan despite supposedly crippling charges of corruption against the Prime Minister, ought to awaken the opposition and quell any arrogance stemming from unprecedented gains in the prior General Election. 

One thing is quite clear, without a united front, PR or PH has no realistic chance of toppling the current BN government. If you cannot show unity in the opposition, it is clearly impossible for you to be united in a ruling government. Let’s face it, the opposition is not ready to form the federal government! So indeed the people are very discerning in casting their votes. Disunity in the opposition has culled any hopes of winning against BN. 

The opposition parties must move on from Anwar. Hanging on to your slim hopes of installing Anwar as the PM in the event of a win is just a wasteful dream. His time is over, it is time to get a new figure that can transcend the politics of race and religion. It is time for the failed leadership of PKR, DAP and PAS to vacate their positions to enable newer potential future leaders to surface. 

Mahathir, who once stood untouchable within the ruling elite is now reduced to a disgruntled frail has been. The hypocrisy is evident when it comes to Mahathir, who clearly once was associated with tyranny.It may be foolish to subscribe to Mahathir’s agenda.  

When you cannot win during a time when the ruling government is weak, some seriousness must be injected into reorganization and the need for new strategies.  A time when MCA and MIC should not have been given the opportunity to resurrect, a lifeline has been handed to them on a platter. 

The opposition’s failure to unite has made BN look uncharacteristically an attractive option despite all the ills that plaque it. It is time to look deeper and really figure out how you can really help improve the country if chosen to lead, not just to topple BN. This sole agenda is beginning to appear stale.


This will be a living article and will be updated periodically. 

Brace for Impact

Brace, brace, brace!

These are often the most feared words when on an airline. The impending doom is undeniable.

Is fighting against corruption a sin? Are the ruling politicians so blinded by power and wealth? Do we actually care about Malaysia?

One gets a sense that those who don the yellow T shirts this weekend are marching into danger, putting possibly their lives on the line. That’s love for your country. It neither mean they are less religious, nor does it make them bigots. It’s the final resort to save our country from apparent lawlessness. The inanity of words spewing from our politicians are just too hard to swallow for many. These words are clearly to cause division while claiming the strategic racial and religious high ground. Their fitness to lead a country that prides itself with diversity, is now suspect.

The surreal sense of doom this weekend may either be prophetic or just a false sense of alarm. One would pray that the authorities will show maximum restraint. Let history judge this weekend as the defining moment of triumph for Malaysia, and not plunge us into the dark world of anarchy.

Brace, Brace, Brace!

#bersih4 #saveMalaysia

Saving Malaysia

Malaysia is at a crossroad. The amount of treachery within the political landscape has never been exposed to this extent. The internet has allowed much of this to be possible, where the government has almost no control over.

Slowly certain agencies are trying hard to wrangle themselves away from the clutches of political interference. Their ability to be independent is pivotal to the success of democracy in Malaysia. However, the structure and line of command is making this impossible.

The desperation of the ruling coalition in scrambling to justify revelations of clearly corrupt practices is bordering on being humorous. It almost seem amateurish politically and the only escape at times is to beg for trust and support. Explanations are missing, likely because there are none.

What does it take to save Malaysia? With the stock market and our currency in freefall, our politicians are still in denial that Malaysia is indestructible.

Malaysia exists because of their multiracial and multicultural heritage. Protecting this should be the agenda of any government. Destroying this for political gain is treason, for it also destroys the very soul of our country.

Malaysia is not about one political party or one leader. It is about all of us. Future generations depend on us to ensure that Malaysia regains its rightful spot amongst the elite nations of the world. We need good men to prevail.


Wag the dog

Hoodwinking the people appears to be the specialty of our Malaysian politicians. The recent episode of US 700 million deposited directly into the accounts belonging to Najib is classical. The arguments are so convoluted now that the initial reason for the expose is lost. 

The argument should be “Did money linked to 1MDB and public funds go into Najib’s personal accounts?” A simple answer of YES or No. 

Unfortunately, all we hear are evasive answers. “I will not betray the people’s trust” or “I did not use public funds for personal gains”. In fact, the legal letter to Dow Jones clearly is meant to confuse the issue. Requesting Dow Jones to confirm the link to public funds and the way the money was used is clearly circumventing the actual issue. 

Sadly, the police are now trying to weed out whistleblowers, who clearly felt that a leak was the only way to bring justice to Malaysia. In fact, this cements guilt as it conveys the authenticity of the documents and not forgery. Why would they want to weed out moles if those documents were forged?  The conspiracies deepen with a purported link to the murder of Ambank founder. 

Mahathir is right. Najib can resolve this easily by clearly providing evidence that the money never entered his personal accounts backed by the bank involved and Bank Negara. This is the easy way, which I believe is not available to Najib for obvious reasons. 

The events clearly insinuate guilt on the part of Najib. If he did get the money deposited into the accounts, it was wrong and clearly a criminal breach of  trust. If he did use the money for the General Election, that is wrong as well, as such public funds should not go into promoting any political party. We all know this is the case all along, likely since the time of Mahathir but this will be the clearest evidence yet and linking the top politician in our country. 

Why would Najib be so naive as to believe that he can get away with it? After all, in his denial, he did say that he would not have been so foolish. Arrogance? Invincibility? 

The biggest calamity is the fact that there are politicians who stand by his side. Perhaps they have vested interests in Najib’s survival. Or perhaps Malaysia is diving into absurdity and idiocy.