Plug the leak first

The government is going to great lengths of trying to convince Malaysians that subsidy cuts are essential to avoid escalating debts.

How about explaining measures taken by the Government in curbing unnecessary spending? If the Prime Minister can use taxpayers money as bait to fish voters, I fear that cutting subsidies will not be the answer to our debt woes.

There should be greater transparency in contract negotiations. Cronyism should also be condemned.

The recent auditor general’s report has also been poorly followed up. This report highlighted the gross mismanagement of funds. The Government paid RM 224 for a RM 32 screwdriver RM 1146 for a RM 160 pen, RM 5700 for a RM 50 car jack. This AG report goes on and on. Unfortunately all the shocking truths is blatantly ignored by this ruling Government and no one in the service has been brought to justice for this obvious form of corruption.

And now the Government has the audacity to ask Malaysians to pay more with the clear intention of helping the Government clear its debts!! I say it is time for a new fund manager before our country truly goes bankrupt in 2019!! The PM asked if we want to see the country bankrupt in 2019, my answer is OF COURSE NO! The best solution is not subsidy cuts but to remove a corrupt government. This should be a priority in order to save our country from suffering a similar fate as Greece.

Sick MPs

The number of elected representatives either to the Parliament or the State Assembly falling ill, is alarmingly high. Perhaps it is reflective of the general health of Malaysians. So why are so many elected representatives falling ill??

Health is important especially for aspiring leaders of our country. When your health fails, your duty to the electorate will suffer. In the last US presidential election, there was a grave concern when John McCain won the candidacy for President representing the Republicans. His campaign party had to go to great lengths to convince the American public that he is in tip top health. He was 72 years of age when he contested for the 2008 Presidential Election.

It is important for the future aspiring candidates to reveal their health status. Choosing the right candidates depends not only on their political ideologies but their abilities to perform under strenuous conditions for the next 4-5 years.

Failure to do so will only result in the electorate losing representation and the resulting waste of tax payers money organising by-elections.

Bangkok Massacre : where is ASEAN?

The current massacre in the streets of Bangkok is nothing short of atrocities. With heavily armed government troops laying siege to makeshift Red Shirt warriors, there is an urgent need to end the killings. The decision to shoot into the crowds may subdue the current batch of weary Red Shirt protesters but soon enough they will regroup in the future.

What is unsatisfactory is the fact that neighbouring countries, including Malaysia, is keeping mum. Surely such atrocities must be dealt with. Afterall, the current Thai government is not democratically elected and such high handed tactics must be condemned.

Unfortunately, Abhisit has found friends in high places of foreign governments. Such double standards with regards to democracy is typical. Sadly Malaysia is part of this conspiracy.

ASEAN ultimately serves little purpose when member nations have an understanding to look away despite major wrongdoings in these nations. Often times, the excuse of it being an internal affair is growing very stale.

More Thais, many who believe that democracy has not been upheld, will be killed. I tend to share their sentiments, when two democratically elected governments were ousted by the military.

Who can they turn to? Certainly ASEAN is hapless. If they cannot chastise Myanmar but in return, admit this military run nation to its fold, what else can we expect from ASEAN!

Perhaps it is time for China or Japan, as superpower nations in this region, to step forward with a proposal for a peace settlement. The time has come for them to resume this role.

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah : a baffling character

Quoted from his speech,

“When this country was formed, there was only one race. And this fact has to be respected, you have to respect us (Malays) for that,”

When did conversion to Islam make one a Malay? How deluded can this character get? Even his statement of the presence of only one race when Malaysia was formed is utter rubbish. He should go back to the history books.

The most ludicrous thing is that Ridhuan is ethnically a Chinese and that is a fact. It is fine to talk like a Malaysian but when he talks as if he is a Malay and expects to be accorded the priviledges for Malays, then either he has fooled the people around him or that he is just a confused man.

Ridhuan Tee, you are a Malaysian of Chinese descent who has embraced Islam. You cannot change that and you are not any more Malay than any Malaysian non-Malays!!