Someone in CARI forum mentioned dermabrasion as a way of removing scars. It is a plastic surgery procedure. It basically removes the outer most layer of your skin where visible scar tissue usually resides. It also refines the skin ie can remove all that wrinkles. Useful for acne sufferers, deformed skin (due to accidents, burns, previous surgery etc) and for a younger look! No wonder these plastic surgeons earn a tonne of money!. Not without risks eg infection albeit rare. It should be done by qualified plastic surgeons NOT cosmeticians!

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Maggots and wound healing

Using maggots for wound healing? Indeed that is currently being practised in certain places to reduce length of hospital stay. These maggots are said to eat dead flesh and leaves the healthy ones intact. Home nursing is essential especially in application of these maggots! Would you want maggots on your wounds?

Check this out


Case Report: Maggot therapy in Acute Burns

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Awal Muharram

Today is Awal Muharram , a public holiday in Malaysia. So I decided it fitting to know what it is all about. I quote from


Celebrated by Muslims as the day symbolises two happy event in a Muslim’s life. The start of Muslim year or calendar, Muharram, coincides with Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina on the first of Muharram in 622AD. To signify this occasion, Muslims attend to various religious activities, spiritual singing, religious meeting throughout the country.

Enjoy the holidays!

CAP & Stem Cell Research

Comsumer Association of Penang’s president, SM Mohammad Idris, has been getting of everyone’s nerves. He has reshaped himself to champion the rights of patients and has repeatedly unjustifiably attacked the integrity of doctors. He even recently tried to lecture doctors in medicine in particular gender-based issues. This comes from someone with no medical background who probably does not understand much about what he is saying. A little knowledge for him is certainly a dangerous thing. Why is he doing this? For popularity perhaps? I guess the best strategy is to ignore such fools.

Stem cell research has been growing in popularity. It could be the next medical breakthrough for diseases incurable before this, for example, diabetes, parkinson’s, heart disease etc… Although it will take further research, i am sure one fine day the breakthrough will be achieved.

Stem Cell Information, National Institute of Health