Back to the drawing board

Thumping victories for Barisan despite supposedly crippling charges of corruption against the Prime Minister, ought to awaken the opposition and quell any arrogance stemming from unprecedented gains in the prior General Election. 

One thing is quite clear, without a united front, PR or PH has no realistic chance of toppling the current BN government. If you cannot show unity in the opposition, it is clearly impossible for you to be united in a ruling government. Let’s face it, the opposition is not ready to form the federal government! So indeed the people are very discerning in casting their votes. Disunity in the opposition has culled any hopes of winning against BN. 

The opposition parties must move on from Anwar. Hanging on to your slim hopes of installing Anwar as the PM in the event of a win is just a wasteful dream. His time is over, it is time to get a new figure that can transcend the politics of race and religion. It is time for the failed leadership of PKR, DAP and PAS to vacate their positions to enable newer potential future leaders to surface. 

Mahathir, who once stood untouchable within the ruling elite is now reduced to a disgruntled frail has been. The hypocrisy is evident when it comes to Mahathir, who clearly once was associated with tyranny.It may be foolish to subscribe to Mahathir’s agenda.  

When you cannot win during a time when the ruling government is weak, some seriousness must be injected into reorganization and the need for new strategies.  A time when MCA and MIC should not have been given the opportunity to resurrect, a lifeline has been handed to them on a platter. 

The opposition’s failure to unite has made BN look uncharacteristically an attractive option despite all the ills that plaque it. It is time to look deeper and really figure out how you can really help improve the country if chosen to lead, not just to topple BN. This sole agenda is beginning to appear stale.


This will be a living article and will be updated periodically. 

The downside of streaming

Despite having fiber optic broadband with 10Mbs data plan, the streaming of Apple TV movies is pathetically slow. This is the problem of streaming and cloud based services, when the infrastructure has not coped with the advancements. Had to resort to the reliable DVD player. 

Public-private co-operation needed in healthcare

Agree that there is a huge discrepancy in the services between private and public healthcare. Although the dear Minister insists that the population should utilise public healthcare services, the deficiencies and weaknesses of the system is often not addressed.

There is a greater need for public-private healthcare co-operation. This can help the public services cope with the overcrowding at their clinics and hospitals.

Private hospitals and doctors must also ensure that there is added value in paid healthcare services. There must be a distinction in private healthcare, focusing on patient experience and satisfaction. Outcome based fee may also be a solution to ensure added value for private healthcare.

Universal insurance coverage should be the aim of the Malaysian government. This would also ensure that newer more effective but expensive medications are still available to the poor. We have witnessed the inability of the Government to cope with financial assistance when it comes to more expensive therapies. Subsidies are sometimes limited to a very basic care.

The Minister must take the lead in this. Otherwise it will also be a catastrophe for the public healthcare services as well when it can no longer cope with the ever escalating cost of healthcare.

Parenting innovations and discovery

A weekend alone with the kids can have several revelations.

First, the tactic of forcing kids to do what you want them to, doesn’t really work. Creating a scenario or a make up fairy tale does the job very well. Role playing seems to grab the attention of children and they will almost do anything you want them to, well, to get the story going. 

Second, the use of technology to monitor your kids is a must these days. “ManyThing” app to monitor your kids by using your iPad and iPhone is God sent. It also helps to put those aging iPads to good use. After all, being spoilt by Retina display makes older screens very difficult to adjust to. Monitoring live feeds of your kids while they are sleeping keeps you at ease. This negates the need to investigate every little sound that we hear. 

Well, the parenting continues and it is about injecting fun and technology to caring for your kids. And no, it is not about giving them iPad games which can be addictive and counter productive.