Loss at Teluk Intan : Reflection

The loss at Teluk Intan was particularly surprising although this was not portrayed by Pakatan politicians. After two successive comfortable wins in General Elections, one would assume that defending the seat in the wake of the death of a DAP member, would be a stroll in the park.

No doubt it was a strong candidate in the form of Dr Mah Siew Keong, Gerakan President. Gerakan shares many ideals with DAP. Both are multi-ethnic political parties and not race based. Perhaps this cancelled out many of Pakatan’s arguments of non-racial voting. To field a novice and a Malay was bold and was a gamble that might have propelled them to greater heights, had they won the election.

The demeanor of Dr Mah itself was not positive going into the election. There was not much positive vibes in his statements as compared to those coming out of Dyana Sofya’s camp. Apart from Lim Kit Siang’s last minute plea for outstation voters to return, the opposition camp was confident throughout and crowds at their political talks were huge.

Personally, I thought that it would have been a comfortable win. After all the evil deeds of Barisan and their racist chants of late, one would think that voters would want to send a clear message to the ruling Government. The tight race was certainly not to my expectation. How could so many voters still trust a government whose arguments of a good track record, is beginning to ring hollow?

There will be no change in federal government if only small shifts of voting preference goes to the opposition. Perhaps, the PAS factor has deterred many voters, especially the Chinese. The threat of hudud and the failure of Pakatan to deal with it decisively was a factor that would have many Chinese voters scurrying to the safety of Barisan.

Pakatan has not shown leadership in these issues which weighs heavily on the minds of many voters. They cannot even agree yet, as to who will lead the country and take the important portfolios in the event of a victory at a General Election.

Pakatan has failed in many aspects. They appear to work well as individual parties but fare poorly on many matters as a coalition. They need to get their house and agenda in order.