An extraordinary family

Yesterday marked the final day helming Persatuan SLE Malaysia (, a patient support group for SLE / lupus. The journey started in 2012 and time whizzed by rather quickly. It’s been 6 years.

Reflecting on those years have made me realise how tenacious our lupus warriors can be. I feel honoured that I have been given an opportunity to be a small part of their lives as each fights their personal battles while trying tirelessly to help those that truly need their help. Their smiles and laughter were undeniably genuine, so were the brave faces during the trying times of being ill.

My final term ended on a sadder note of having lost one of our committee members. She has taught me that life continues even in the face of adversity. We sometimes don’t even understand what true adversity really is. Her strength and determination to lead a normal life was palpable. Her positivity was infectious.

This is family. That’s what those years have taught me. If there was any success, it was about making a small difference in each and every one of those lives, when it mattered most. It’s about being a better listener. It’s about being able to share the joy of good health. It’s about experiencing sincerity and passion.

It has been an honour and a privilege.