A new era of “Make Malaysia Great Again”

It has been surreal since the recently concluded 14th general election. Personally, this was not the predicted result. At best, it would be close but to take over Putrajaya, it was just unthinkable. Malaysians have grown accustomed to the ruling Barisan National taking power despite all the ramblings of corruption and inefficiencies.

This was different. It’s an invigorating feeling to know that the people of Malaysia was mature enough to know what they all wish for, a better Malaysia. It is a testament to the world that democracy is alive and kicking in a country once known for branding its own democracy, whatever that means.

People power now has a meaning in Malaysia. We have set the benchmark for the world. Removing a corrupt, divisive and non-transparent government was a display of where true power lies, the citizens of Malaysia.

It is time to “Make Malaysia Great Again”! It is time to improve our education system, left decadent for decades, and used as a political power play. It is time to be transparent and ensure that we uphold the Constitution and the rule of law at all times. It is time to clamp down on rampant corruption and wastage within the Government agencies. It is time to allow the judiciary to do its job.

It is time to unite all the races for one common goal of making Malaysia great again.